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Monday, May 15, 2006

To everyone who (still) supports George W. Bush

"God's man" in the White House

A little over five years ago, I was a reporter with a small weekly newspaper. And I received an invitation to be at the big rally for then-governor George W. Bush at the presidential debate that was held at Wake Forest University.

I wasn't there for very long when I was ejected from the premises, practically at gunpoint (by the way, Forsyth County sheriff deputies and Winston-Salem police officers are good little goose-steppers), apparently on orders from Bush himself because I was small-time media, not affiliated with anyone "big". In other words: I was accountable to no one, and nobody could hold anything over my head. How was I supposed to know beforehand that Bush is afraid of being asked questions by "regular" Americans?

Word eventually got to me that Bush had referred to me and another reporter as "those assholes". The invitation was forcefully taken from me by someone that I have since come to refer to as "the anonymous Bush boot-licker" who then threatened me with physical violence.

Bear in mind that all I did was show up as a journalist from an independent newspaper.

I have since come to be thankful for the events of that evening, because my eyes were opened on the kind of man that George W. Bush really is. From that night forward, I've never been able to buy into any of the illusions that the Bush camp wraps around their man: that he’s supposed to be a "good Christian" and all that.

I got to know well in advance what a lot of Americans are just now coming to realize: that George W. Bush is a damaged, very small man at best, and thoroughly evil at worst.

I just read some of the speech that Bush is due to deliver in a little less than an hour about illegal immigration. The speech that is going to infuriate those of us who knew better already and maybe will knock some sense into those that have thus far refused to believe anything other than Bush being God's anointed man to rule America.

George W. Bush is not serving America: George W. Bush is destroying America. He practically has destroyed America. It will take decades to recover from the damage that he has inflicted on this land. That he refuses to take any serious action on illegal immigration is probably the worst thing that any President has done to America in her entire history.

I never supported George W. Bush. And I tried to warn too many of you about how foolish it was to cast your lot in with this very shallow, petty and vindictive little man.

George W. Bush is raping America without lubricant and telling her to lay back and enjoy it. Tonight's speech will more than adequately illustrate that to everyone.

It's like this: America either has secure borders and controlled immigration, or we cease being a sovereign country. Bush apparently prefers the latter. And so do those of you who still trust in "your President".

Like I said, I couldn't be more thankful that I got to know well ahead of time just what kind of man America was really about to start dealing with. I just wish that I could have done more to sound a warning bell before we started being invaded from the south.

EDIT 8:30 PM EST: Per my usual custom, I didn't "watch" this political speech. I listened to it instead, with my back turned to the television. That way I heard the actual words Bush was using, without being distracted by the television as a visual medium.

Bush said he's not supporting amnesty. Yet he wants to allow millions of illegal aliens who've been living here for years to go on living here without penalty.

And Bush says that's not amnesty?

He said nothing about enforcing the laws that we already have. He said the National Guard that he wants to put on the border (which would number far too few, by the way) would effectively have no real power or authority once assigned.

This whole speech was practically a big "winkin' at ya" to Mexican president Vincente Fox.

Heck he literally said that our border doesn't need to be "militarized". OH YES IT DOES MISTER PRESIDENT!!! The border with Mexico needed to be militarized, like four years ago.

Well, I could go on, but like I said before: I knew about this guy a long time ago, and have been saying all this time that George W. Bush has the spirit of a traitor. Unless someone is what the commies used to call a "useful idiot", tonight's speech should be more than enough to convince anyone about that, too.

Dear Lord, stop me from being this angry tonight...

...but it's hard not to be when you watch the fall of a once-great country before your very eyes.


qemuel said...

Wowzers, i had no idea about you being removed from the premises during that debate (I was living in W-S at the time, and remember it well). I just don't have the juice to rant about the rabid little weasel tonight, but DAMN, your experience makes me angry.

Moving on, I actually checked in to see if you had heard about this upcoming cartoon, being a fellow lover of BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE:


Scroll down to "LEGION OF SUPER HEROES ANIMATED" and have a look. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. We'll just have to wait and see.

Keep up the good work, brother-man!

Chris Knight said...

Yah, I saw the Superboy/Legion of Superheroes thing last night. And did nothing but shake my head and cry out "they cancelled Justice League Unlimited for THIS?!?"

That night 5 years ago, when the Bush-bots turned on me, on orders from *him*, is burned into my mind well. You've no idea what arrogance/power-mad is until you find yourself up against these people. There's no way under the sun that they can possibly be (a) Christian and/or (b) real Americans at heart. And after last night I feel like gloating a bit: I was one of the ones that knew Bush was an idiot from the start. Now EVERYONE knows it :-P

Anonymous: six thousand guardsmen is not nearly enough. It should have been, at least, 40-50 thousand. And should have been there 3-4 years ago. But we don't *have* that many, do we? Not with so many of them being put in Iraq.

Magnus said...

We're facing something similar up here with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He's a media-phobic control freak.

Magnus said...

BTW, where did you get the vid clip - is that legitimate?

Chris Knight said...

That video was a few moments before this televised appearance Bush made when he was running for governor of Texas. Yes, it's VERY legitimate. I've seen the original with sound: Bush calls it a "one-fingered victory salute".