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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Two stories about America turning into a police state (and guess who's leading the charge?)

The FBI now admits that the Bush administration is letting them look at reporters's phone records to track down "confidential sources".

Meanwhile, Attorney General and member of La Raza (illegal immigration radicals) Alberto Gonzales wants your Internet provider to keep detailed logs on what you do online, for government perusal.

So all of the Bush supporters that I addressed last night also have a growing police state to answer for too.

While we're on serious discussion, I'm going to throw this out for comment from any readers I have: I'm thinking of "farming" the serious commentary/op-ed stuff onto another blog, and let The Knight Shift be for my more personal/upbeat side of things. That's not to say The Knight Shift won't see serious things, but for a lot of reasons I'm led to consider putting all the really hard-hitting stuff in one location away from the "happy" posts.

What say ye: would y'all be okay with that if I did this?