Friday, June 02, 2006

It's the big "Bad Wolf": Penultimate Eccleston episode of DOCTOR WHO tonight on Sci-Fi

"You have GOT to be kidding."

-- The Doctor, "Bad Wolf"

Just a reminder for American fans of Doctor Who that the Sci-Fi Channel tonight will be running "Bad Wolf", the next-to-last episode of Christopher Eccleston's all-too-short run as the Doctor.

The less said about this episode to the uninitiated, the better. Definitely one of the best of the Eccleston episodes. From the opening moments when the camera is spinning madly while focused on the Doctor unconscious on the floor, this one is outrageous as all get out. Doctor Who during its long run has done just about every genre imaginable - from sci-fi to horror to western to everything in between - except the musical. Well, tonight they add one more notch to the belt: the reality game show! Want a taste of what's to come? That's Anne Robinson herself doing the voice of "the Anne Droid" on The Weakest Link of 200,000 A.D.! Definitely to be recommended if you're an American fan who's just now able to see the revived Doctor Who and it's an absolutely must-see before Eccleston takes his bow in next week's "The Parting of the Ways".


Anonymous said...

Very cool ep. I watched it today. I'm going to miss him as the Doctor.

Chris Knight said...

Since the broadcast on Sci-Fi Channel is missing the original teasers for the next episodes, here's the end of the one for next week's "The Parting of the Ways":

The Doctor (to the Daleks): "How did you survive the Time War?"

To which an ominous offscreen voice responds: "They survived through _me_."

One more to wet your whistle: "I am the _god_ of ALL Daleks!"

Wait until you see what is behind it all.

Time is up in six days...