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Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Chipping" immigrants? Don't go there...

To say that I'm against this runaway illegal immigration is to put it all too mildly. Nonetheless, I find this proposal to be something beyond the scary: the head of VeriChip wants to implant his company's RFID tracking microchips into all incoming immigrants and foreign workers.

No doubt he sees a lucrative market here: putting VeriChips into all those people will make the company billions of dollars.

Here's the real danger from where I sit: how long after imposing this on immigrants is this going to be expected that all normal American citizens be "chipped"? "For our own good" of course.

Are we willing to alleviate one serious problem by taking the first step down a very slippery slope toward something that would be altogether worse?

Dear friends, it's not your average American people that are messing up this country. It's a very disproportionately tiny group of individuals in government and political parties and the media and corporations like VeriChip, that are destroying everything that was once good and true in this land. They do nothing to sincerely help their fellow man out of compassion, but they will not fail to act when they discover some new means of shackling and controlling their brother.

Remember: you are not a number. You are not a piece of meat that lives only to spend and consume and screw and die. You have a soul... something that too many in this world would deny you sentience of that fact.

I for one will never relent to being "chipped". As for Scott Silverman, the president of VeriChip: might I suggest that he have his company's largest model firmly embedded far up his own ass.


qemuel said...

I'm right there beside you, brother-man.

AfterShock said...

This almost sounds too much like the movie - Demolition Man. Sly Stallone's character realizes at one point that he had been chipped and makes some sort of comment to the effect of "why don't you just shove a leash up my ass". They could track anyone who had ever been chipped right down to the specific room in the specific building they were in at the time. It's almost a case of life imitating art. *shivers*

Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Ooh... this is right about the top of my list of Scary Things That Might Happen. Sheesh. Does anybody with power care about the definition of "liberty" anymore?

Chris Knight said...

"Does anybody with power care about the definition of "liberty" anymore?"

Not very many people with "power" care, if any at all.

Those of us with "responsibility" do care, quite a bit. Maybe too much for our own good.

Sooner, rather than later, the people of this country are going to have to make a choice and join a side: either Those With Comfort, or Those With Conscience. And something really, really terrible is going to happen when those two sides have their inevitable clash.

"But as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord..."