Friday, October 20, 2006

"The Girl in the Fireplace": Tonight's DOCTOR WHO is some of the best recent TV ever

American fans of Doctor Who - the ones who haven't been downloading via torrent the newer episodes after they've run in Britain - are in for quite a treat tonight when Season 2 (or 28, like I've said before depending on whether you're reckoning this per the original series) continues on the Sci-Fi Channel. Tonight is when "The Girl in the Fireplace" broadcasts, and this is quite simply one of the most beautiful episodes of television that I can remember out of anything from the medium in the past few years. I don't want to give too much away about this one: it really is best left to be appreciated with as little spoilerage as possible. It's NOT the typical Doctor Who episode by any means though, and you can sort of pick up on that from the episode's very first scene. All I'll say is that this is the best performance as the Doctor that David Tennant has given during his tenure in the role so far, and that Mickey (Noel Clarke) is sporting the coolest-looking shirt that has ever been seen on Doctor Who during the entire history of the show. Just an absolute delight of a show this evening: I'd give it six out of five stars. Even if you're not usually a fan of Doctor Who I think it's safe to say this is one that you'll certainly enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Great ep. The lightness of Tom Baker's Who but with so much depth and feeling. Endears you to The Doctor.

Anonymous said...

The 'robots' in this episode are truely memorable and the departure from normal 'Who' story telling is becoming a welcome change!