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Friday, October 20, 2006

Records smashed again: The Knight Shift's biggest day yet

Just before the midnight reset this blog's counter registered 61,718 visits in the 24-hour period that was Thursday October 19th. That's way more than the total number of visits in the past almost-three years since the blog first went up until Wednesday evening when this site got noticed by a few big outlets like Digg, Neatorama and the Coast to Coast with George Noory site. By the end of the day there had been 127,440 visits since inception... well on the way toward 200,000 though I doubt it'll be awhile - if ever - before I have something else happen like the past few days. Still, the extra exposure has been a lot of fun and I'm glad for the "new business".


Anonymous said...

Yup, long time since you posted on "10,000 hits"!