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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter weather finally arrives

Fox 8 WGHP is showing live footage of snow starting to fall here. We're supposed to get snow, sleet and freezing rain starting this morning and into this afternoon. The schools will probably be closing early today.

Now that we have the weather for it, it's time to come inside, throw some wood on the fire, snuggle up next to the one you love, and watch a timeless winter classic on the DVD player...

(Yes, I'm eeeee-vil :-P )


Anonymous said...

I much prefer the good old Beach Party movies starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello :-)

"The Thing" is for summertime.

Chris Knight said...

I bought "The Thing" DVD not long before the first big snow, the first winter Lisa and I were married. We got snowed in and she wanted some entertainment that afternoon. "Hey, watch this, it's PERFECT for blizzard weather!" I told her.

I think she watched for 30 minutes before getting too grossed-out to go any further :-P

Anonymous said...

"I think she watched for 30 minutes before getting too grossed-out to go any further :-P"

The very first time I saw Carpenter's "The Thing" was when it origianlly came out in the theaters in 1982. My Uncle asked me what I wanted for my Birthday and I wanted him to take me to see two movies. The Thing and Poltergeist. We went to a couple of theaters in his neighborhood near his apartment in Manhattan. First he took me to see Poltergeist, and he was sickened with all of the violence, and gross out scenes. THEN he took me to The Thing (same day, right after seeing Poltergeist). And not long after a few gross out scenes (like the dogs in their pen) at the beginning of the movie, he walked out and waited for me in the lobby while I watched the rest of the movie. :-)

I dont have the DVD. I taped the movie off of cable tv onto a videocassette YEARS ago.