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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'll go ahead and say it: America is dead

A New Hampshire man has barricaded himself inside his house while being tried in absentia on federal tax evasion charges. Ed Brown says he wants the federal government to show him where it states in law that he must pay something outside of his state and local taxes.

This is something that a lot of "tax resistors" have asked over the years. Funny thing is, nobody in the federal government has ever come forward to show where paying taxes to the feds actually is required by law.

Call me a kook for stating that, but that's a fact. Whenever a petition of grievance has been presented to the IRS or some other department of the federal government, that petition has been rebuffed without fail. On this, the feds do not answer to the little people.

You know what's going to happen to Ed Brown? He's going to be found guilty, without the jury even being told what precise law it is he is breaking. The law enforcement officers surrounding his house will get an order to "go in and get him". If he's lucky, Ed Brown will be arrested and his wife won't become a widow. That's if he's lucky. Because the "law enforcement" surrounding his house is probably made up of the ninja-suited "rack 'em and stack 'em" thugs that have a carnal desire to unload some lead into some poor shlub. They will probably go in and kill Ed Brown. And just about everyone else in this country is going to look at Ed Brown and nod their heads and quietly acquiesce to the government and just won't give a damn that one of their own got murdered for nothing more than daring to question the power of this God-damned government.

Yes, I said "God-damned"... and if I ever use that particular phrase, you better know that I'm serious, because I literally mean that this government is God-damned.

Want more? How about this: two Border Patrol agents yesterday started serving prison terms that will last more than a decade. Their "crime": shooting at a Mexican drug lord who had crossed the border into the United States. They shot and wounded the drug kingpin. The Bush Administration then had the illegal Mexican drug lord testify in court against the two Border Patrol agents and they were found guilty. Thousands of pleas for pardons have poured into the White House. Legislators have called on Bush to do the right thing. But the most evil, conceited, inept man to ever occupy the Oval Office has Decided that the two agents will stay in prison.

The President of the United States, who has sworn an oath to defend this country, including its borders, sends two of his own citizens to prison for doing the job that he refuses to do. And defends a criminal who wasn't supposed to be in this country anyway. All the while letting millions of illegals cross the border.

Once again, I defy anyone to defend, in any way shape or form, this damaged little man in the White House.

Somebody tell me: could God honestly bless this country, given how far we've fallen?

Is it at all possible for us to turn off the American Idol and put down the Xbox controller and stop drinking the beer and finally give a damn enough to tell Those In Power that "to this point and no further"?

When a government's sole preoccupation becomes the perpetuation by force of more government, then that government has lost all authority and the people under it are no longer morally beholden to it at all.

What do we owe the American government?

I'm not asking "what do we owe America?". I'm asking "what do we owe the American government?"

Why the hell should we do what "they" tell us to do?

Oh yeah, because they have guns and they aren't afraid to kill you. They will kill you if you don't do what They tell you to do.

There comes a point where disobedience to man is utmost obedience to God.

We fall prostrate all too readily before a god of money and metal and mindless pageantry. And we give nothing to the God of Heaven.

I know some Christians who actually think it's their moral duty to vote straight-ticket Republican.

As their brother in Christ, I can only say: "What fools they are!"

This country has been sold out by a gang of total bastards. And damn us for letting them get away with it.

Yeah, I'm more than a little bitter about some things...

So how does knowing all this make you feel?

And what are we going to do about it?


Eric H. Smith said...

Amen brother. This is why I refuse to bow down to the cult of the omnipotent state.

Eric Wilson said...

There's an excellent documentary called America:Freedom to Facism, that came out this year... You can actually go and view it on one of those free streaming movie sites. I'd highly recommend it. The filmmaking's a little shotty, but the message rings oh so clear. The government made their choice to start ignoring the constitution over 80 yrs ago, when they helped create the Federal Reserve (Nothing federal about it).. Once again Chris, you're right on.

Chris Knight said...

Thanks Eric. I hate to use some of the language like I did here (I'll admit some of it isn't very Christian-like)... but it also has to be said that we might not have gotten to this point if we had been a lot more assertive about some things.

I like to think it's not too late to turn things around. Abolition and prohibition (although prohibition was a *bad* idea) all started as small movements involving "kooks". In time those ideas became mainstream. Same thing can happen now... although it depends on how much the American people are willing to think for themselves, instead of letting the politicians, the press etc. think for them.