Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Drew Carey will be new host of THE PRICE IS RIGHT

Click here to see how the announcement went down last night on David Letterman's show.

I think that going with Drew Carey is a fabulous choice. Personally, I've thought for a while now that CBS should tap Mr. T for the hosting job ("Come on down, fool!") but Carey is probably as ideal a man for this job as there can probably be. Here's wishing him all the best!


qemuel said...

In a perfect world Mr. T would be hosting The Price is Right, and Christopher Walken would have been able to host his much-coveted cooking/talk show.

Heck, I'd probably get cable back for those two shows alone...

Anonymous said...

I think Drew Carey is a terrible choice. He will be trying to crack a joke everytime you turn around. He also lacks the class that Bob Barker Had.