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Monday, July 23, 2007

TRANSFORMERS Jablonsky score album update: Lot of stuff flying around

Here's the petition that was set up last week, asking for an album be released of Steve Jablonsky's magnificent score from the movie Transformers. If you loved the music in this movie too (and we're talking about the orchestral soundtrack) and haven't already, please feel free to sign it. At last count there were 438 signatures.

Since reporting last week about Sony Music saying that there are "no immediate plans" to release a CD of the Transformers score, a lot of people have been making inquiries with various parties about this. Fellow seeker-of-the-score Chris Barry has made the following compilation of answers that have been coming out about a score release:

1. Lorne Balfe (composed some additional music on Transformers) said: "There is talk of a score for transformers coming out but it will be at least another 2 months!"

2. Mel Wesson (ambient music designer for Transformers) said: That's a question a lot of people are asking but to tell the truth I have no idea what's happening with the album. It would surprise me if the score wasn't released, although people tell
me soundtrack albums without high profile songs seldom sell that well. That said it's a big movie, there's a market for the score and I'm sure it'll be available at some stage.

3. Frank Macchia (responsible for percussion/choir orchestration on Transformers) said: I have not heard that there will be a score release of Steve's music to Transformers. It's possible that down the road a CD will come out, but I do not know of any CD presently planned.

4. SonyMusicStore Customer Service said: At this time, there are no immediate plans regarding the release of the Transformers soundtrack score.

It's a good thing to know, at least, that the right folks who have been involved with Transformers's music do understand that there is quite a heavy demand for this score. By the way, when talking about a "Jablonsky Transformers score album", I hope that this includes every composer's contribution to this amazing soundtrack, if at all possible.

And in case you haven't seen Transformers yet (and you really should 'cuz it's a terrific movie), here's an example of why so many people want to own this soundtrack so much. I've no idea how long it'll be up on YouTube but someone has posted the "Autobots descent" scene. Here it is, in all it's glory:

I'm going to be contacting Sony Music pretty soon (can't today 'cuz there's a few things on my plate that need attention and I want to allow for however much time is needed to convey our desire on this) and will report back, hopefully with some encouraging word. In the meantime, keep spreading the word about the petition and encouraging people to sign it. Even if this is just a fraction of the people who want to buy a Transformers score CD, every signature is still going to help the cause immensely.


Anonymous said...

I too have been anxiously awaiting/following the possible release of Mr. Jablonsky's score for "Transformers", and one member of MovieMusic.com's forums mentioned: Chandra Cogburn said: "I know that they are working on a score cd for Transformers. I'm not sure exactly when it will come out, but very soon."

Who knows if this will come to fruition, but it'd be nice...I'm tired of listening to the score from mp3s of theater cams.

Anonymous said...

The Autobot Descent track is the one that really struck me...I'll be supremely miffed if the CD isn't released.

Anonymous said...

I hope the DVD movie release has a "soundtrack only" channel, just like "The Matrix" DVD. A lot of times a CD soundtrack release would have a slightly different version than what's in the actual movie.

Anonymous said...

Jesus man,you are right amazing Autobots descent thrilling like hell . Awesome to be honest.
Pretty nice instrumentals, Steve and all his bands seems to know exactly what they can make feel through their instrumental parts for sure.
They should keep in mind that a movie as important as it can be is nothing for lots of peoples without such nice scores (the instrumental ones once again). Just take a look at "The Island" also from Michael Bay with Jablonsky's instrumentals . this movie can't have the same success without the amount of work that produced Steve on this one and if someone know better than anyone else its Michael Bay himself .

Hoping it will be out pretty soon for all fans .
greetings from france