Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tapped-out Hollywood

They are remaking Total Recall.

And they are remaking The NeverEnding Story, too.

And as if that were not enough, they are also remaking Arthur.

I can kinda see how a re-do of Arthur (a movie that I haven't seen in ages) might work. But Total Recall and The NeverEnding Story? I have Total Recall on DVD: nineteen years after it first came out and it still holds its own against just about anything contemporary.

But regardless, I guess we are going to "Ged yor ahss to Mahs" all over again.


Anonymous said...

As much as I hate that they're remaking those two movies, I can see Total Recall being closer to Philip K. Dick's novella. And with The NeverEnding Story, I can see them covering the entire first book, whereas the original movie only covered the first half of the book.

-Drew M.

Anonymous said...

Been reading through PKD's collected novels chronologically (I'm up to "The Penultimate Truth") and I know there are some great books that would make wonderful movies.

I mean, if nothing else, "Eye in the Sky" would be awesome to the N'th degree. I won't spoil it at all, and I recommend reading it without knowing a thing about it. It wouldn't be any more difficult than Total Recall.

Oh, and Never-Ending Story? Ewwwwww....

About the only re-make I'm interested in is the Land of the Lost movie...(Probably 'cause I hated the TV series and it's making a mockery of it--for some reason it scared the living crap out of me as a little kid, mostly the sleethstack with their magic obelisks containing weird crystals.)

Chris Knight said...

Always love it with my "hippie alter ego" shows up :-)

I read "Eye in the Sky" years ago, and thought the same thing too Chris/HotCat. BTW, just before he died Dick read a draft of Total Recall's script, and he was very excited about what was being done with the treatment of his "We Can Remember it For You Wholesale". For that reason alone, I'm kinda skeptical toward reshooting it.

There's one remake that I would love to see happen: "Escape From New York" (and it's come close to being done in the past few years). If handled by people who respect the themes and vibe of the original, while updating it to modern technology and politics, it could be positively amazing.

And, well... okay, why not...

I'm going to admit here for the first time, that Lord willing I ever do manage to make it as a filmmaker, there are two movies that I would love to remake.

The first is "Godzilla". I've got a first draft of the script written for it too, that hearkens back a lot (I think so anyway) to the original "Gojira".

The second, which would be my dream project, is a remake of "The Black Hole".

And you wouldn't believe what I want to do with that one...

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I want to make a Godzilla movie myself, if I make it as a filmmaker. Except, my idea would be more of a post-Final Wars Godzilla, and it would be a face off with another character that Eiji Tsuburaya (the man that designed Godzilla and directed the Godzilla sequences for the original and several of the sequels) created in 1966 called Ultraman.

-Drew M.

Chris Knight said...

Tell you what Drew:

If the opportunity comes, we'll make it together :-)

Seriously bruddah.

I'm making a note of it. Lord willing, we'll get to take a crack at it.

Anonymous said...

That'd be awesome, Chris. lol

Btw, do you use any sort of instant messaging? It'd be cool to chat sometime. I'll email you my screen names, since I don't know what program you use, if any.

-Drew M.

Anonymous said...

I've thought a Black Hole remake might be worthy. Also Space:1999.

Here's an idea that will never happen - a George Lucas-less reboot of Star Wars.

Chris Knight said...

Lucas is about to come out with Star Wars in 3-D. He's going to convert all six movies with a new process.

I read one interesting theory yesterday that the reason he's doing this is so his first Star Wars movie can finally eclipse Gone With The Wind for all time biggest box-office take adjusted for inflation.

Anonymous said...

I'd go see Ep IV & V in 3d. Maybe Ep III, just 'cuz. Man, Lucas is going to squeeze every penny out of us he can. Maybe he should provide a stimulus package to the feds.