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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Regarding that individual who asked for my help on live television

This is all I intend to say about this...

It's not my policy to render assistance to anyone who is not only a heartless liar, but has also without any evidence whatsoever accused a church of engaging in child pornography.

And I do not believe that this man was sincere at all in asking for my "help" to begin with. It was no doubt some silly stunt. The purpose of which likely only making sense within the confines of his own gray matter.


Anonymous said...

Johnny Robertson asked you to help him???????? I don't blame you for not helping him. As you said it was probably a setup. But I would like to know more about what happened because it sounds pretty funny :)

Anonymous said...

Johnny called Charles live on the air and beggged Chris to contact him so that he could fight Youtube like Chris did.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, is there any possibility of this call for help is sincere, or might result in something good coming of it? I am not you and I only barely know the history (and this insulates me, whether good or bad) but isn't there a "turning the other cheek" or "do unto others" or "be better than him" kinda ethic that plays into this?

-- Your hippy alter-ego.

Chris Knight said...

Chris, there's no way this could possibly be sincere. We are talking about a master manipulator on par with Benjamin Linus from Lost. And I'm not kidding: several months back he did accuse a local church - First Christian in Kernersville - of promoting indecency and child pornography. He has done quite a lot of other harm to others as well. This is a man who lives to do nothing but hurt other people and seeking ways to do more of it.

(That Charles Roark enthusiastically nodded his head in agreement on live television without challenging Robertson's claims, is reason enough why I believe that station should now be shut down for lack of ethics.)

And even if Robertson were sincere, he need not broadcast that call for aid on live television. He has my e-mail address. He knows how to get in touch with me. Instead he wanted me to call him on his personal phone.

Nothing about this passes the smell test.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

I think the two posts above mine were supposed to be anonymous posts by some of your loyal readers...but they show that they came from you.

Posting your own anonymous comments?

Maybe a faux-paus?

Chris Knight said...

The first "Chris Knight" is indeed a Chris Knight... who lives in California. His own blog - hotcat.org - is one of those in the right hand column.

The second "Chris Knight" is me, the author/maintainer of the blog you are reading now.

Move your pointer over each of the two Chris Knight names, and you'll see that one points to hotcat.org and the other to my blogger profile.

I don't post anonymous comments on my own blog. 'Twouldn't be legit.

Anonymous said...

Uh huh..

Chris Knight said...

Don't believe me? Click on HotCat.org and see for yourself.

Why would I be running two blogs as Chris Knight, that are so different from each other?

Besides, that Chris Knight is a dude who is considerably smarter - in many aspects anyway - than I am :-P

Anonymous said...

Lol! I thought you were playing devil's advocate with yourself. Like the angel Chris and the devil Chris sitting on the shoulder having a conversation.

Not sure which idea would be coming from the devil and which would be coming from the angel, however...

Anonymous said...


Your policy not to render assistance to Johnny Robertson is one to be admired.

Charles Roark and Johnny Robertson are always commenting show love. Love should be shown to the victims.

Anonymous said...

Chris, why do you keep deleting posts?

Chris Knight said...

I deleted one post, made by a person who has demonstrated that he/she is not interested in contributing anything of substance to the discussion.

In journalism terms, that is called being a responsible gatekeeper. Which is a different thing entirely from practicing censorship.

Anonymous said...

Chris, how did you know Johnny asked Charles on live TV about getting your help? Were you watching WGSR?

I saw it but I didn't call you.

Chris Knight said...

Got some e-mails about it.

If I miss something, others usually don't.

Ain't modern telecommunications a wunnerful thing?

Anonymous said...

"Got some e-mails about it."

OK, good. I was afraid you were secretly watching the station. Now I know it was some of the others folk who love to hate WGSR.