Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stephen King working on a sequel to THE SHINING

This could be very promising: Stephen King has announced that he is planning a sequel to The Shining, his 1977 novel that was later made into two movies (including the 1980 original directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson).

The planned title for the sequel is Doctor Sleep. And so far as what it would be about, King plans to revisit the story of Danny Torrance, now forty years old "...and living in upstate New York, where he works as the equivalent of an orderly at a hospice for the terminally ill. Danny’s real job is to visit with patients who are just about to pass on to the other side, and to help them make that journey with the aid of his mysterious powers. Danny also has a sideline in betting on the horses, a trick he learned from his buddy Dick Hallorann."

I'm cool with that. And a revisit to the Dark Tower series as well (which King has recently said he's working on too). Just as long as there's no follow-up to The Stand: whatever happens after that story needs to stay in our imagination.

But more tales of Danny Torrance? Sounds intriguing...