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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Les Misérables: Man arrested trading McDonald's meal for sex

From KOB.com comes this weird story of how the hard economy has hit even the prostitution trade...
Police: New Mexico man traded McDonalds for sex
This happy meal didn’t end with a treat.
A New Mexico man was arrested for allegedly trading a sex with a woman for a meal at McDonalds.
Albuquerque police found Donald Jones, 58, at Bullhead Park with a woman he picked up near Central and Virginia.
According to the criminal complaint, Jones picked up the woman in an area known for prostitution. Police watched Jones order food at a McDonald’s drive thru window and head to a nearby park.
On their way to the park Jones told police he purchased the woman food and asked how she would reimburse him, the criminal complaint states.
Police confronted the pair at the park and saw the woman pulling up her pants in the car.
I bet he could have scored an entire brothel if they had brought back the McRib!

Wendy's should pounce on this and bring back a classic ad campaign...

Wendy's, Where's the Beef
"Where's the Beef?"