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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Belated Happy Birthday to the greatest work of English literature...

No, not "The Lord Of The Rings"!

A friend shot this news to me, and I thought it was worth mentioning in this spot...

Yesterday, January 12, was the 400th anniversary of King James I of England commissioning at his court at Hampton a translation of the Bible into the common vulgar. Some of the most renowned Christian scholars and learned men at the time convened, and began poring over centuries of manuscripts and research. Seven years later, in 1611, their task was finally complete.

There is no question that the King James Bible has been the most influential work of English literature in recorded history. Even today, though some of its words and terminology have switched meanings and even become obsolete, it remains - and will ever remain - both a literary masterpiece and a comforting presence to millions of people worldwide.

(Now, I wonder if there's any truth to that old rumor that William Shakespeare "hacked" into the KJV and left a hidden love poem in the book of Psalms...)