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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

"Illegal" means "not legal", George...

Among the characteristics of a strong nation are a strong sense of identity. And one of the things that has made America great is that her people's identity has long been established in a unique heritage that was defined by, for the most part, a tremendous foundation of principles.

But dilute that identity, define it down in such a way as anyone can readily assume the identity of "American", and the foundation begins to wither away. We no longer begin to hold to our own, to those ideals that set America apart from all other nations in history. We are become just like them, and we can see it even in our own lifetime.

It rarely comes in so bold a stroke, but today President Bush announced a sweeping overhaul of current immigration policy. If enacted as Bush desires, millions of illegal aliens in the United States would have a free and clear way to both live and work in this country, without becoming legal residents.

The inevitable result of this is going to be a severe drain on our social services infrastructure, which is buckling beneath its own weight as it is from people taking without giving anything back in return. It's only going to get worse if millions of illegals, courtesy of George W. Bush, get an open invitation to draw disability benefits, Social Security and the like without actually being part of the system.

There shouldn't be a problem with someone wanting to legally come into the United States with the intent of pursuing, and eventually receiving, full citizenship here. Naturalized citizens are among the most hard-working and responsible citizens that America has among her. I believe that those of us who were born here take this country for granted far more often than not to really understand how blessed we are to live here, and also how tremendous a stewardship God has given us in safeguarding this country and her liberties. Naturalized citizens weren't born here: they had to earn the right to be citizens, and that process granted them not only the legal status of citizen, but a solid understanding of what it means to be not just an American, but a people who are as free as they wish to develop the potential that God gave them.

Legal citizens, whether naturalized already or not, pursue that dream to be independent. Illegal residents only serve to suck away on the depleted cow that is the United States government. And George W. Bush isn't doing any citizen - whether natural-born or naturalized - any favors in giving illegals another teat.