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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Has Florida become the receiving end of a divine message?

A little while ago one of my friends sent me the picture hosted at this link. You gotta admit, that's a pretty bizarre correlation between the paths of recent hurricanes to which counties in Florida voted for George W. Bush in 2000...

Not one county that voted against Bush was hit. Furthermore it looks like hurricanes lately have gone out of their way to AVOID hitting those that didn't.

I don't believe for a second that this is God's way of saying that Al Gore should have won Florida: God doesn't choose our Presidents for us, and He doesn't anoint them to be in authority over us. Most people don't understand - they've actually been deluded against realizing this - that God gave the authority over America to we the people, as the citizens of this nation, and it is we who are anointed to govern ourselves. We don't have a king and we don't render unto Caesar... hell, Caesar's dead, why pay the man?

That standpoint gets me into a lot of arguments with fellow Christians who want to believe that Bush is "God's man" for us. Sorry, don't buy it: he's not acting much like God's man for one thing and it goes everything against what I've come to know after studying and praying about the thing. If I'm wrong then God can correct me on it and in fact I do pray that He would correct me if I'm mistaken. But so far He hasn't shown me anything otherwise.

But I will say this: it is a curious thing that Florida's hurricanes this season have only hit the areas that were strongly pro-Bush four years ago. Particularly when you bear in mind, after a study of the Old Testament, the things of nature that God would often use to either remove a threat from the children of Israel... or punish them.

I'm not gonna suggest anymore than that, 'cept to say this: if God is using hurricanes this year to send a message to America about Bush, He's certainly established a precedent for it in the Good Book.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

'cept they got the paths wrong.

Ivan's Eye hit Alabama and Francis crossed into the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall again pretty damn close to the blue areas of the pan handle.

Anonymous said...

What was it like playing Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch?

Chris Knight said...

LOL!! I've been asked that question at *least* once a month ever since college :-)

About three years ago I interviewed "Weird Al" Yankovic for TheForce.net and I asked him about the thing with him and Frank Yankovic, the late polka performer. It was so widely assumed that Al and Frank MUST be related (not only because of their last names but also that each played accordion and did polkas) that while announcing Frank's death, Tom Brokaw noted that he "was the father" of Weird Al! It's sorta like that. So far as I know though, THAT Christopher Knight and I aren't related.

However, I am near-distant kin (on my mother's side) to Dick and Tommy Smothers :-)