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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Whip it good: Kyle Williams lashes out against American immaturity

I love Kyle Williams, for a whole heckuva lotta reasons. And I really love pointing others toward his work as a columnist. In this week's piece over at World Net Daily "the young master Kyle" as I like to call him sends up a brilliant piece to Americans twice his age and more and for all intents and purposes asks aloud "why are you being such idiots?!" Kyle, yer hitting on all the right cylinders here so I won't steal your thunder by discussing it any in this space... but here's a preview:
Entertainment and politics in the modern society of America has created a deadly mix and a blow to the integrity of our national debate. In this election cycle, think of the severe case of P. Diddy and his entourage crashing a Young Republicans meeting in New York City, shouting his shallow views through a megaphone and broadcasting it over MTV. Of course, all this MTV and Choose or Lose business is built on the history of the relationship between media and politics over the past 50 years. Nightly news from the Big Three can be credited with beginning this disastrous mix that some call "Infotainment."

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