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Thursday, October 28, 2004

A bird in the Bush

Take a good long look at this picture...

That's a still from a video (Quicktime format) from the mid-1990s, apparently when George W. Bush was running for governor of Texas. He calls it his "one-fingered victory salute." Notice how much he smirks and snickers at making the gesture.

Maybe somebody needs to tell born-again Christian George W. Bush that holding up the middle finger is the indication that someone should go to Hell.

I'd like to report that this might have been something in his "wilder, younger" days that he might stand to be forgiven for. But looks like old habits die hard as this photo reveals, taken after Bush was already President of the United States...

Maybe Texas, or Alabama, or Kennebunkport, or whereever he hails from has a different sense of civility, but growing up I always heard that anyone who sticks up his middle finger like that so much wasn't so much "rude" as he was "heathen". NO ONE deserves being given that kind of gesture and what it stands for, regardless of circumstance.

If any Christian is still going to vote for a guy like this, I more than welcome him or her to write in and tell me why they are and why they're still convinced that this man has anything resembling a Christ-like spirit. 'Course, I was learning all about that four years ago.