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Monday, October 11, 2004

"For this is the day... that a Superman died."

I chose the final words from Superman #75 in November 1992 (the issue that saw the Man of Steel falling after saving Metropolis from Doomsday) for the title 'cuz... well, seemed all too appropriate.

It's being reported on Drudge Report and a few others at this hour that Christopher Reeve - who made us really believe that a man could fly when he was tapped to play Superman in 1978 - has died. Here's what Drudge has atop his page right now:
12:30:02 ET: Veteran Hollywood reporter Nikki Finke has learned that actor Christopher Reeve is dead, according to sources close to the actor. He died suddenly Sunday. News of his death has not been reported publicly yet. His family will make an announcement Monday at the earliest. Reeve was just mentioned Friday in the second live presidential debate by John Kerry. Noting he was a friend of the paralysed Reeve, Kerry said he was in favor of further stem cell research because Reeve could walk again one day thanks to such science.... MORE...

Report: Christopher Reeve is dead

I'm going to be very sad this day if this is true.

EDIT 10/11/2004 03:42 AM EST: It's true. There's now this story on Yahoo. Harry Knowles just posted this tribute to Reeve's memory a short while ago.

I know that most people remember Christopher Reeve for his work in the Superman movies, but if you get a chance go out and rent The Remains of the Day from 1993. It has Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, but Reeve appears a number of times throughout as this American diplomat who visits the estate. It's a small role, but in my mind it's a very strong indicator of the direction Reeve was headed into as an actor post-Superman. You might also remember his more recent role as Dr. Virgil Swann on the WB Network's Smallville: even debilitated, Reeve exuded raw power.

I'm not gonna write anymore right now. Reeve's Superman was a big part of my childhood and now with his passing, the inner child needs to go cry for awhile.


Anonymous said...

He's gone to a place where there are no trach tubes, no bed sores, no heart attacks. He's free now.