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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Might as well get this over with

Twice in the past few weeks I've hinted about having a story about George W. Bush. The first thing I wrote was a long essay on why my motives have to be pure in sharing what happened: that it can't be out of anger or malice or spite. Either at him or the cronies he sent. Then it was another post about if I were to do this, that I should be prepared for repercussions from his followers and maybe even his campaign (again). In that one I made it known that if anyone has a charge to bring up against me, especially with anything that I've written online, that I'm going to own up to it. I know I've made mistakes... but I'll be darned if that stops me from publishing the things that have been on my mind for some time. Before going any further, I had to do those two things: make plain my desire for this to be the right thing to do, and pre-emptively confess that my on-line attitude has been far from perfect, lest any of that be thrown against me later.

Waiting until October 11th to write this seemed ideal, that being the fourth anniversary of the scales falling from my eyes because of this, after all. But I first noted this a few weeks ago and could have done something then, and maybe I've protracted this out because of fear: either of my own motives, or because although I don't mind being attacked, I've been most reluctant to subject my loved ones to any possible reprisals. Holding out 'til the 11th seems like just another excuse to run away from what I need to do and if I didn't do it then... well, when would I do it?

So my next blog entry, barring the Apocalypse and any inclination to comment on it, will be the full story, as best as I can relay it to anyone who might be interested. About the night that George W. Bush himself apparently sent a goon to tell me to "Get the fuck out of here!" Doctor Strangelove is about to come on the t.v. to my right, I figure that's a pretty appropriate thing to have on while doing at least part of this thing.

It'll be up soon. I promise.