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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Notice to "Talibornagain" Bush supporters: I'm still smiling 'cuz ya can't mock God!

Yesterday I voted for John Kerry.

It was literally an eleventh-hour choice. For months I was committed to not voting for either him or George W. Bush. But since Michael Peroutka wasn't on North Carolina's ballot and the Libertarians' Michael Badnarik never impressed me enough to seriously entertain considering him, and I didn't want to do a write-in for some fictional character like I did four years ago... and because I could never vote for Bush with a clear conscience, I went for Kerry.

Kerry conceded to Bush earlier today. Bush won North Carolina (but lost the county we live in, by the way) and barring anything unexpected, will get another four-year term. There's a lot of gloating and hubris in the air tonight coming from Bush supporters. No doubt the Kerry crowd is wishing that they could be the ones now celebrating. A lot of people today have been smirking with pride at a lot of other people with long faces and crushed hopes.

If I had a chance to go back in time and cast my vote again, knowing that my tiny action as an individual would never sway the pendulum either way... I would have still voted for John Kerry.

And for that I am thankful: my sleep will be one of peace tonight, not having to be plagued by the knowledge that in whatever small way I empowered someone who has openly admitted wanting to be a dictator.

There's a lot of virtue in being an unaffiliated independent who's disillusioned with the two-party beast. I need never pretend that my loyalties aren't to a candidate by default. Neither are my eyes blinded by the glory and bravura that is projected onto him by the collectively mad. This was my first election as an unaffiliated and maybe that's the reason why it is that though few of those I voted for won yesterday, I'm relishing my declared freedom and power to choose of my own volition. Am I going to get gloated-at by some rabid Bush supporter sometime? Definitely. But I will only smile and laugh at him when he does: I voted for a man, not a party. And at least I had enough independence to have never been swayed by a crowd that couldn't be content with letting me think for myself.

As for this present election: there's plenty enough stink coming out of Florida and Ohio – with good reasons – to lead a lot of folks questioning whether Bush won legitimately at all. I'll be short and sweet on this: if the Bush campaign did ensure that "the fix was in" in any way, then that doesn't just extend an invitation for outraged citizens to reject the election results... it bloody damn warrants it. I'd go so far to say that it would be a moral failure – if not downright treason – NOT to have a popular uprising against those responsible. That kind of talk is considered by some today to be sedition or treasonous, and that what I'm doing is in part advocating overthrowing at least part of the federal government... but you know what? At this point I don't give a flying rat's butt about it if I am. As a Christian I'm commanded to shun evil and to respect the authorities that God has appointed on this earth: in our case as Americans, our governing authority is the Constitution of the United States. It's the contract that our forefathers entered into whereas that since it is recognized that God gave authority over America to we the people, that we do not cede our allotted authority to government. We delegated that authority to government instead, and only doing so by our own consent.

Folks, from where I'm sitting I see it like this: if anyone attempts to cancel out the people's participation in choosing how the authority given them is delegated, in large measure or small, and if we the people allow that to happen, then we are not only allowing evil to triumph but we are actively engaging in proliferating an affront to God. To allow mere men to take away from us what God Himself has entrusted us with can only demonstrate our unfitness to be stewards of His gifts, and will forever brand us as failures in keeping the flame of our own liberty lit.

Too many people died for us to be free. Too many generations in the years to come are counting on us. If there was any tampering with yesterday’s election, we owe it to both the past and the future that we contest and refuse to accept these results as legit... by any means necessary, if it comes to that.

And yet, even if an evil was committed yesterday by the Bush campaign or anyone else and is seemingly unpunished, I have enough faith in God to be content to know that someday, somehow, maybe even though my eyes will never see it happen, a perfect justice will be meted out. And it will be one that no amount of political favors or family influence or financial affluence could hope to buy off. My Dad told me years ago about how it is that evil men can seem to get away with everything while good people are run into the ground and even destroyed by them. But that for every evil work by their minds and hands, an accounting will be made and a punishment dealt. And you know something: he's been proven right about that ever since. I know about plenty of people that seemed to get off scot-free time after time, only to get slammed later by something that you can’t help but think must be a divine judgment. Case in point: one lady I know of who got away with hurting a lot of kids. She thought nothing of it... until her own first child was born so premature that it almost died in its first moments. She was lucky though: at least she got the chance to repent and make amends for what she had done (and indeed, she did).

Whatever happens from here on out as a result of this election, regardless of what might have been done or who did it, or however much anyone has gotten away with before, I'm going to rest in this knowledge: that no matter how bad we humans do to screw things up, that NOTHING is outside the will of God. And He'll see to it that in one way or another, that good will win out over evil and that no injustice will escape wrath.

Keep that in mind, y'all. Personally, I think the next four years might be fun. See, already the so-called "Christians" who believe in Dominion Theology/Reconstructionism are boasting about how they've seized power in America. Know how it is that every time in history after Christians took over a country after feeling "oppressed" that they started acting like Nazis to everyone else? That's the road these people are likely to take America down, friends. These "Christians" are going to make damned sure that you KNOW that they have the reins now and that they're going to use them as they see fit. They're now capable of doing ANYTHING and they'll use the name of God to justify it.

So it falls to Christians like me to tell them that they aren't following Christ at all.

That's what I intend to do these next four years and more. And I don't mind causing as much mischief as I can along the way if that's what it takes to stifle them. I've promised myself and my loved ones that whenever these people go into "Talibornagain" mode, that I'm going to pause, then pray for guidance, and then plot against them. Someone has to show others that not all Bible-believing Christians are power-mongering egomaniacs: it might as well be me.

Is this going to be exciting, or what? :-)


Anonymous said...

So, you support a guy that supports abortion (and partial-birth abortion)? A marxist? A guy who supports separation of church and state? A man who trashed veterans while they were in battle? A guy who wants socialized health care everywhere?

Think what you may, but Kerry (if he had his way) is much more facist and much more of a socialist than Bush.

The guy can't really even hold a consistant opinion. He's more of a politician than Bush.

Are you serious? Do you think God would want you to vote for Kerry?

Chris Knight said...

"So, you support a guy that supports abortion (and partial-birth abortion)?"Bush did too... until he wanted to be "born-again" enough to run for high office. Not to mention that Laura Bush and most of his family supports it.

"A marxist?"You fell for the propaganda bigtime, dude. This is a weak straw-man attack. And I'll give you $100 if you can provide something that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Kerry is a marxist.

"A guy who supports separation of church and state?"As opposed to slamming church and state together? I'm enough of a Christian and a historian to know that it's always a dangerous combination. You want the state to have the church's blessing... but none of Christ's humility. Yes, I *would* support a guy who supports the separation of church and state: because I put my faith in Christ, and neither a church or a state.

"A man who trashed veterans while they were in battle?"Veterans aren't "in battle". Veterans are usually people who are NO LONGER in battle. But while we're on the subject: how about all those millions of dollars that Bush has taken from support for active-service personnel and their families... not to mention sending most soldiers in Iraq into the field with so few supplies that the homefolks are having to ship over body armor to them?

And at least Kerry has seen war enough to know how and how NOT to use our soldiers. He would have brought that kind of inevitable self-discipline to the office. Can you say the same for draft-dodging Bush?

"A guy who wants socialized health care everywhere?"Bush has done more to promote and pushed this through than Clinton ever did. Take your blinders off buddy.

"Think what you may, but Kerry (if he had his way) is much more facist and much more of a socialist than Bush."Well, the lesser of two evils... is still evil. And I've enough experience with Bush to know that he's a very evil man.

"The guy can't really even hold a consistant opinion. He's more of a politician than Bush."Bush promised he wouldn't sign Campaign Finance Reform... but he did. Bush said that America wouldn't engage in "nation building"... but we are. Bush promised us a secure country... but practically encourages thousands of illegals (and Lord knows what else) to pour across our borders daily. Bush based his decision to war on Iraq on faulty intelligence... then kept insisting that he was right to have attacked even after it was found that there were NO weapons of the sort that he claimed were there. Bush wants us to believe that he's a kind-hearted, humble Christian... but he actively destroys anyone who disagrees with him while shooting them "the finger".

Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather have a politician in the White House than a schizophrenic.

"Are you serious? Do you think God would want you to vote for Kerry?"Yup. At least I'm sure that He wouldn't want me to vote for a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

I share a lot of what you think and feel as a Christian in America. Tinhorn Pharisees who put the blinders on do not rebut you in the slightest. By their rotten fruits... I see those fruits as death, poverty, slavery and despair and the ruin of the world God created. I have greater hopes even than
the untimate vindication, but a hope without joy, a sorrow without comfort. I am Job humbled before God in our man made world of woe. People choose power, choose to be the dark forces pushing Armageddon, choose to abort God's world, man's purpose. They won't be people long. The inversion of their unholy joy is our real life hell. It will reverse. I want no joy in either prospect. I grieve for us all. That is our time. And I will fight against the darkness like the three youths in the king's furnace. Even if there were no God, I will not bow to the likes of this boastful, murderous fraud.

Anonymous said...

"not having to be plagued by the knowledge that in whatever small way I empowered someone who has openly admitted wanting to be a dictator."

He was making a joke about it. Yes, I know of what quote you are speaking of, but in no way can it be construed as that he said he seriously WANTED to be a dictator.

"I told all four that there are going to be some times where we don't agree with each other, but that's OK. If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator," Bush joked.

-- CNN.com, December 18, 2000

Chris Knight said...

Dictators also have those who disagree with them arrested and hauled away and out of their presence. They cannot tolerate the fact that some people really, really don't consider them to be the center of the universe.

They also tend to believe that they have a direct line of communication to God, acting as if they are His proxy on Earth... if not believing that they ARE God. I might never run short of examples of things that Bush has said that are, well... delusional with self-grandeur about his importance in the divine scheme of things.

If he DOES fancy himself a dictator, maybe we'll get lucky and Bush will wind up like some of them. Nicolae Ceausescu and Benito Mussolini come readily to mind.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you voted for kerry just cause your pissed off about how the bush campaigners treated you.

Chris Knight said...

Well, that *does* tend to make a guy reconsider some things, doesn't it.

If it had been an isolated incident, I prolly would have let it slide. Except this sort of thing HAPPENED ALL THE TIME during Bush's first term. At his urging.

You can't spin away the fact that your guy is not a very Christ-like human being in either nature or desire.