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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It's really confusing me why self-professed "liberals" are so upset about Christians taking over America...

...because I just took what has become for me a rare peek inside Free Republic and Liberty Post. I'm not going to "name names" but I did happen to notice the attitude of any number of posters on either site.

"Liberals", don't worry: Christians did not take over America's political establishment this past November. Because they aren't really Christian to begin with, at all. Or really "Christ-like" anyway. I mean, would a REAL Christian suggest mass-slaughter of registered Democrats? And yet that's just ONE thing that I saw mentioned on both sites, from people who claim to be on "the right side of things" and don't hesitate to gloat that "they won"... whatever the hell it is that they are supposed to have won. Whatever it is, I'd sure love to know what exactly it is that they plan to do with it, now that they've "won" it.

This is pointing toward something that I'm going to be writing about soon that God has been leading me to think about a lot lately: remember when Jesus said that not everyone who claimed Him would enter into the kingdom of Heaven? Except we are also taught that anyone who professes with his tongue that Christ is Lord is saved... so how are these two reconciled with each other?

It's like this, I'm coming to believe...

- All Democrats are going to Hell.

- All Republicans are going to Hell.

- All liberals are going to Hell.

- All conservatives are going to Hell.

- All who are not part of the Christian religion are going to Hell.

- While all those who are proud to be of the Christian religion are DEFINITELY going to Hell, buddy!

All of these people and more are going to Hell, because Hell is all that's left for them. It's a mercy that God would have given them that much provision, because in His love for them He couldn't let them enter into Heaven... where they would only be more miserable.

You see, I'm coming to understand that Heaven is for those who really want to live life. And the only way that life can really be had to the fullest is to yield over one's life to God and let Him make of it what He will. You can't avoid that prerequisite by grafting yourself onto a group of your fellow men and claim strength in numbers to overcome that which only leads to spiritual death.

Heaven is meant for individuals who can die so that they will live. It is not intended for collective masses who would just as soon kill others so that they might not die.

All of this has some tremendous ramifications on everything in our culture, including the political spheres of influence here in America. But I'm not going to dwell on Heaven and Hell too much today: it's a beautiful day outside. My wife and brother-in-law are in the living room playing Halo on our Xbox and blowing each other to smithereens. "Mom", my mother-in-law (who I love as much as my own Mom) is baking cookies. "Dad" is down in the basement doing Lord knows what with his tools and that crazy imagination of his. And I'm gonna grab the new MP3 player that Lisa's parents got us for Christmas and plug it into the car stereo while I take the B-52s advice and go "Headin' down the Atlanta highway..."

Like I said, it's a beautiful day. I'll save the weighty theological discussions for later :-)