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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oh great, Bush can protect Iraq's borders with OUR Border Patrol agents...

...but when it comes to our own borders...

Read. Just read, 'kay?

The man's a traitor. Plain and simple. Too bad he's protected by a Republican majority in the House and Senate... but that says a lot about a man's character that he needs that kind of seeming immunity from whatever evil he thinks he can get away with.

Anyone who posts a comment defending this in the slightest bit, or alludes that Bush is still a great President despite his VIOLATING THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION IN A MORE GROSS FASHION THAN BUBBA CLINTON EVER DID, is not just a traitor but a damned idiot.

A history professor in college once told us how a nation's leadership does deserve any punishment met out to it, if that leadership is so ignorant and uninterested in serving his own people. Especially if that ignorance results from the leader's desire for personal profit or comfort. Louis XVI was "a nice enough guy," he told us, "but he wanted to party too much. He was told all the things that were going wrong but he'd only answer 'oh okay, that's bad. Where's the party?' He may have been the nicest king France ever had but he more than deserved getting executed for that."

I'm finally beginning to understand what he meant by that.

Maybe it's genetic and the man can't help it though. I mean, now that it's come out that Bush is a descendant of the Irish king who sold out his own island and people to the English, along with a few other unsavory barbarians, seems like he's just following a family tradition of being disloyal to fellow countrymen. But we knew that a few generations ago with Prescott Bush and the Nazis anyway, right?

By the way, just as the edge of the snowstorm was approaching I went out and bought the new Star Wars novel (and direct prequel to Episode III) Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno. I'm a little more than 100 pages into it and it's fast becoming one of my all-time favorite Star Wars stories. But Labyrinth of Evil is also a very strong attack/indictment against President Bush, no subtlety at all. In Luceno's hands, Palpatine is Bush. He even slams things like Homeland Security, the TSA and warantless searches. And Palpatine brushes off the criticism because "the Constitution is a living document": his exact words. And there's some alluding to the idea that the Republic's political factions are a way of distracting everyone from the REAL evil that the Sith have been working against everyone.

As a strict Constitutionalist, this book is a hoot to read. I've met Luceno before, a few times: genuinely nice and brilliant guy. Feel now like we're philosophical kindred as well.

Hey who knows: maybe when Episode III comes out in theaters enough people will REALLY start to wake up to what's going on in real life. I sure as Hell wouldn't mind being part of a Rebel Alliance ;-)