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Monday, January 03, 2005

Republican-resurrected Reich? Vox Day suggests as much.

Gotta love Vox Day: for one thing he's a brilliant Christian thinker. That focus on things from the eternal perspective makes his essays noticably bereft of the temporal goals that muddle the minds of many other essayists. He's also a published science-fiction writer, which merits his being way up on the geek totem pole of respect and awe (am trying to figure out where I fit in this scheme of things: I've written some sci-fi but haven't sought to publish it, but am almost finished making a short sci-fi film that will be distributed... so maybe I'm a "quasi-master geek" :-) And he's one of the darned few columnists that I make it a point to read every time he's got something to say: there ain't many real intuitive thinkers in this world since Thomas Aquinas back in the day, and I like to study what few masters that there are.

Well anyhoo, Day's got a new piece this week called "Anti-Christian America" and he's wondering aloud why it is that the "party of less government" is leading the charge toward turning history's most free nation into its most state-dominated. Consider the Intelligence Reform Act (that nobody can admit to reading before passing into law). Day doesn't believe the American people should yield any more of their freedoms to the government...

Well, we yielded more nevertheless, thanks to our Republican administration, House and Senate. It is clear that the American people have been betrayed with this so-called reform bill by again having their liberties sacrificed on the altar of homeland security. It stuns me that so many supposed champions of freedom support these abominable actions – I can't even imagine the howls of outrage were it President Hillary Clinton leading the charge for such a step toward 1984-style government
It's a doozy of an article. Punch here for the rest.