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Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Ring Two trailer is online (and a WEIRD theory about the title)

Really looking forward to this. We caught The Ring on opening weekend and so many people walking out from the show before ours looking drained / disoriented / disgusted that Lisa became real concerned about what she did to make her new husband con her into seeing this with him. Think she wound up liking it though, despite it being way off the map so far as that sweet innocent lil' mind of hers went.

Of course, anything making the unconscionable amount of money as The Ring did demands a sequel... which when dealing with a horror franchise usually spells "box office bomb". But so far The Ring Two is hitting the right cylinders: having Hideo Nakata (director of the Japanese original Ringu) helm this one was way smart move and anything that brings Sissy Spacek aboard has got to be classy. Then there's this: the new trailer for The Ring Two...

The Ring Two
If you've seen the original you'll know already what you're looking at in the blurry video.

Now, something I've noticed that to the best of my knowledge no one else has mentioned yet: the title of this movie is The Ring Two. It is not, anywhere at all in the official promo releases, being referred to as The Ring 2.

That could just be how the marketing crew wanted to make it, so that the "O" at the end of "two" could suggest the ring on the theater posters. But somehow, that doesn't seem right: a project of The Ring's scope is WAY beyond something so paltry as attaching simple numbers to ensuing chapters.

Fellow fans of The Ring, I want to suggest that there's a hidden meaning to the sequel's title. It's not just "The Ring, part two", nonono... read it like this: "the ring Two". The "ring" is a descriptive adjective for the "two".

As for what the "two" are... beats me. Hey, maybe Samara had a twin sister or som... nah, way too corny. But I'm gonna stick with this notion until the event that I'm proven wrong in a few months' time.

Oh yeah, ever since the original came out I've developed a pretty neat theory (well, to my friends anyway :-) about how all those strange things were really working together: Samara's images, the horses going berzerk, the distorted faces, the videotape... there is a unifying concept binding them. I'll post it later (prolly closer to the sequel's release but really only 'cuz I'm too lazy tonight ;-) but will give anyone who's interested this much to consider: watch the scene at the very beginning with the two girls, and then awhile later when Rachel watches the tape. And between the two I'd say the two girls' talking at the beginning is the far more crucial to understand "just what da heck is going on here?!" Everything has been laid out in plain sight. You just have to look beyond the obvious ;-)

(And if you want to look at something that'll really confuse you but good, check out The Ring Two official website. It's prolly the most disturbing use of Flash in the history of anything.)