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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Rush has a moment of reality (maybe the drugs are wearing off)

So now Rush Limbaugh is condemning Bush and others for wanting amnesty for illegals and ignoring security at the borders. Says that this issue threatens to destroy the Republican party. When all this time he's been shilling for Bush and practically promising that life as we know it would come to a halt if we didn't re-elect El Jorge and go along with him.

But now that he is in a second term, Rush is finally comfortable enough to see and talk about the truth? That Bush and his kind are putting American sovereignty in jeopardy and don't care a flying rat's butt that they're doing it.

What they're doing in exposing our border with Mexico is pretty much what Benedict Arnold did at West Point... but on a much grander scale. If Arnold merited being hung for that (which he wasn't: he died bankrupt and despised in 1801) how much moreso do our "brilliant" modern leaders deserve?

I stopped listening to Rush a long time ago. He used to be engaging, thought-inspiring and darned funny back in the day. He's now so full of himself that he can't confront the hypocrisy he espouses unless he sees that he's destroying himself with it. The man has no more credibility in my book, and there's a lot better places to find original ideas than an ethically bankrupt sad individual who's wasted his life supporting a political party that he didn't even stop and consider if they were worth supporting to begin with.