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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Some thoughts on today's Iraq elections

Most places reporting that there's a 72-74% turnout of voters. If only we could see that kind of interest in our own elections here in America.

Am hearing that there's some dispute about the figures though: is that a percentage of ALL eligible Iraqis, or a percentage of those Iraqis that registered to vote? If it's the latter, some are suggesting it's only 7-10% of the eligible population that registered at all.

There's been a massive turnout at the polls from the Kurds. Gotta wonder if they'll get enough political pull to demand a separate homeland. They were easily the #1 domestic enemy that Saddam Hussein had when he was in power. And the ones with brass ones enough to FIGHT the guy on a regular basis. If any group has earned the right to vote in a free election, it's the Kurds. Said it before and will say it again: freedom cannot be granted, it must be earned. Whatever else is said about 'em, they proved they earned it.

It's the REST of the country that I'm wondering about. And history ain't exactly on their side. But, still hoping for a good outcome from a bad situation anyway.


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