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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"Voices of North Carolina" premieres tomorrow night on NC Public TV.

Chad Austin over at Chad's Running Commentary sends word that PBS stations in North Carolina will be broadcasting the debut of a new documentary. Yah I know some people think that "PBS" means "Pretty Boring Stuff" but fact is they DO air some amazing things besides dragging Betty White and Kermit the Frog out every spring to shill for money. And if you happen to live in-state you really, oughtta, gottta watch this thing tomorrow night 'cuz we've received word that it might get a lot more crazy than PBS is mostly known for. In his post Chad writes that...
North Carolina may have the most diverse mixture of dialects of anywhere in the United States, according to NC State linguistics professor Walt Wolfram. I helped Dr. Wolfram get the word out on his new documentary, "Voices of North Carolina," which airs on North Carolina public television this Thursday at 10 p.m. Dr. Wolfram discussed his project and fielded listener calls today during an interview on WUNC radio. For those of you residing in the Tar Heel state, tune in Thursday night for an informative and entertaining look at the way we talk...
You can click on the link to Chad's blog for info on where to order VHS/DVD copies of the film and that might be wise if nothing else than to have as a collector's item 'cuz reliable sources have informed me that one of the "Voices of North Carolina" will be none other than Maggie Valley, North Carolina's very own legendary moonshiner/bootlegger/author of Me and My Likker/collector of curios/several other things that I've been sworn to silence on: Popcorn Sutton! I've never actually met the man himself but having spoken with a lot of people who do know him... well, let's just say that he's DEFINITELY a larger-than-life character whose reputation has far exceeded the bounds of not just his region or his state, but his country also. Should be a hoot to watch the guy in action come tomorrow night!

"Voices of North Carolina" airs Thursday, January 6th at 10 PM on North Carolina Public Television.