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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

You know that thing in the Bible about rendering unto God and Caesar?

Well, I've been wondering: I try my best to render unto God, but how am I supposed to render unto Caesar? Not to sound insensitive but ummm... I mean... the guy's dead, y'know.

And something else: Jesus taught us to "render unto Caesar those things that are Caesar's": He did not teach us to "render unto Caesar everything that Caesar claims is his after lusting for it". Which to the best of my knowledge none of the serious Caesars (forget Nero and Caligula) back then did that anyway.

Look, if Caesar is alive I'll gladly yield over what's owed him, as Jesus told me to do. But if I can't give Caesar his due, why the Hell should I give a cheap imitator with no real established authority over us a lot more than what's owed Caesar himself?