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Monday, April 25, 2005

About 1200 miles or so later ...

Just got back from Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, after a grueling 12-hour trip that's left us pooped. This is the first I've been at at computer at all since this past Wednesday (it being early Monday morning now) and will file a full report later including pictures. In the meantime take a peek at the reports that got filed from the field during the past few days, courtesy of Brian AKA the daft, the daffy and the ever-dapper Darth Larry, who from the looks of it did a FANTASTIC job of relaying the sense of the thing to the folks back home.

Okay, more later. Me sleep now. It'll be good to wake up in the morning and not see a dozen Boba Fetts standing outside my hotel room door...


Darth Larry said...

glad you made it back safely. give me a call tomorrow and give the post report.

hope you liked the reports!


Chris Knight said...

Those were great DL :-) BTW tomorrow will be doing a bigger write-up about what went down... including the revelation that came out this morning about what REALLY happened Friday morning at the Celebration III store. Dunno how many people know about this but we're gonna blow this one wide open!!!

Oh, and will be giving you a call tomorrow in regards to "the merchandise" :-P

Darth Larry said...

i suddenly got an X-Files flash when i read the word "merchandise"...are you smoking a cigarette? ha!

hmmm. curious about the scoop on the store. sounds interesting!

hope i did right by you with the write-ups!

hope lisa is getting some sleep!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, the online Star Wars Shop is now offering the "exclusive" Talking Vader figure for $20. I saw it listed on the TFN forums and someone said it ought to knock some of the wind out of the eBay auctions that are going for $100. :)