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Friday, April 29, 2005

Celebration III pics coming later this evening

I know, they've been promised the last several days but we didn't get Lisa's photos back until yesterday afternoon, and she took 'em with her this morning to show her students before I had a chance to scan some. I'll get to work on that when she returns this evening.

On a related note, call it the "Vader Virus" or "Imperial Influenza" but lots of people who attended the festivities have gotten sick since coming back from Indianapolis. I've been under the weather with some nasty crap myself ever since Monday (we got back very late Sunday night). It's probably weather-related: we went from first-day warm and sunny, to cold and rain Friday and then snow Saturday afternoon and night. Then again with THAT many people from all over the world in one area, with those kinds of conditions, there ain't no telling what hellish microbes might have been bred across four days. Hey who knows, maybe Star Wars Celebration III will forever emblazon a new illness like Legionnaire's disease did. How about "the Sidious Syndrome"?


Anonymous said...

You watch out for those bats, Chris. They're everywhere. Almost like vulchers, but they kill too. Their blood-shot eyes and see everything. Everything! And they're all outside your window. They're outside mine, too. They're outside in the trees. Look out!

hash hash hash hash hash

Chris Knight said...

That's going to be a pretty funny/ironic comment, after you see the last photo that I post in this batch tonight :-)