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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Forcery update: How to make a grown man (almost) cry

The good news is, everything is backed up. At least twice over.

The bad news is, there's not enough time to reconstruct it all in time.

For the past several days I've been finalizing the work on Forcery, hoping to have it ready in time to bring it to Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis this weekend. And it was looking mondo AWESOME!!

And then the hard-drive containing ALL the work that had accummulated over the past week or so crashed and burned.

I can easily reconstitute the film from the material we already have, and the project files from Premiere and After Effects. That is, if we had time enough to do it before we leave. Except there is no time to do it. There's a complete version ready but... I'm not happy with the thought of getting it out there while knowing that it could have been a LOT better finished product.

So Forcery won't be ready in time for Celebration III after all. But that ain't gonna stop me from finally releasing it before this month is out.

Trust me: it'll be a hoot. You ain't lived 'til you've seen how buff George Lucas looks with a lightsaber :-)


Darth Larry said...

ouch! sorry man. is there anything i can do to help?

Darth L

Chris Knight said...

Can't do anything 'til we return from Indianapolis (and we *will* be blogging from there, and will even try to post pictures from the festivities) but after that, "Forcery" can be ready to debut by late next week :-) BTW bro, you'll have one of those cool Darth Vader action figures headed yer way ;-)