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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Why did the U.S. government let 1 million illegal aliens go free?

I defy any Bush supporter to tell me that this shouldn't be an impeachable offense against the domestic well-being of the American people.

Here's your "illegal immigrants amnesty" at work, folks.

And... he wants MORE.

Thank God that some REAL Americans with backbone are taking up the responsibilities that our "elected leaders" are too coward to do.


Anonymous said...

he's the goddamned president and he can do whatever he goddamned wants to do and there's not a goddamned thing you can do about it and you should be praying for Bush instead of trying to throw stones at him because you're commanded by the Bible to pray for your leaders. You cannot be a real Christian because you don't think Bush is a real Christian. Burn in hell you goddamned liberal.

Anonymous said...

This happened because of a legal loophole created by SCOTUS:


A justice dept official said Congress should urgently close the loophole.

The Wash Times knows this. Why are they spreading mis-info?

Anonymous said...

Crazy liberal troll. (I'm talking about the first commenter) Ignore him, Chris.

Chris Knight said...

If it's a loophole from the Supreme Court, then it falls as much to the executive branch as it does to Congress to close it, and fast.

So far as I'm concerned, EVERYONE (with the exception of Tancredo and Paul and a very few others) are culpable in this mess.

Chris Knight said...

"Crazy liberal troll. (I'm talking about the first commenter) Ignore him, Chris."

I dunno: lately I'm hard-pressed to tell the difference between what is brilliant parody and heartfelt conviction, when I read something like that.

And I *have* been told that I'm not really a Christian because I can't support Bush on too many things by some Christians. Even some closer to me than I care to mention anymore than that.

It's a sad state that we have found ourselves in when we cannot be considerate of others without first taking into account their political value to our own satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush is the biggest traitor this country has ever seen. All the more frightening because he's President of the United States. Bush doesn't care that millions of illegals are pouring into this country, wrecking our economy and independence. Bush sees profits for himself and his buddies. It was never about serving the people. It was always about serving himself. Anybody who still thinks he's God's gift to America should save us a lot of trouble and go ahead with drinking the Jim Jones-flavored Kool Aid.