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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Forcery is coming soon. Like, TODAY!

I guess the last bit of "learning curve" that I'll have to go through so far as Forcery goes has come yesterday and today, when I've had to master all the lil' quirks that come with encoding video into Quicktime format. The first result was a 460 MB monstrosity that I'm going to keep online, just for benefit of anyone who wants that size and the slightly better video quality that comes with it. That's 480x270 resolution, the same as with what I'll call the "Regular Large Size" which only differs in terms of lowered data rate (not much noticable loss in quality, but it's 350 MB in size). There's also the "Medium Size" at 190 MB that's uploading to the server now (and still looks pretty darned good) and the "Micro Size" which I only really did 'cuz I wanted to be able to fit the entire movie onto this 128 MB flash drive that Lisa got for me awhile back, along with a Windows XP installer for Quicktime ("Is that a motion picture in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?") With the flash drive's lanyard I guess I could also have the entire film hanging around my neck, like the dead albatross that this whole thing has felt like more than a few times during these past nearly four years.

But, this really is all that's left to do, isn't it? To publish it I mean, and let the entire world take a gander. And hopefully smile and laugh a bit.

A few people have seen it and are seeing it now. We sent word out to a select number and so far, the feedback has been outrageously good! Can't wait to see what happens when more people start learning about it. I'm really hoping that this will become, not so much something for myself, but something good for everyone else that worked on it. Chad Austin pulled off a VERY spot-on George Lucas and Melody Hallman Daniel... well, let's just say that she deserves to be recognized by a lot of people after the performance that she did here, and all the passion and energy and dedication she gave, and outright sacrifice that she made to do this for us. Everyone gave it their all in making this happen but those two especially, I'm going to forever be indebted to for helping make this dream become a reality.

Okay, keep yer peepers on this space. Forcery is coming very very very very very very very very VERY soon!!