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Friday, May 27, 2005

Some thanks that's overdue regarding Forcery...

I've thanked a lot of people already for helping make this film possible but there's one group of people that for some reason I really neglected to mention, because this movie practically grew up in the forum and if it wasn't for plenty of advice and suggestions on stuff like de-interlacing and rotoscoping, well there wouldn't have been a Forcery worth downloading, if at all.

So here's both a tip of the hat, and an invitation if you haven't already checked them out, to the good people on TheForce.net Fan Films discussion board. The best film school bar none that you could hope to attend without paying $20,000 in tuition. There wasn't much that I learned during the production of Forcery that didn't first come from these guys. So if you want to see some REAL creative juices percolating or take part in something that'll imbue you with considerable film education, you can't do much better than the TFN Fan Films board.

Appreciate the help, fellas :-)