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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Star Trek and Star Wars come to an end within a week of each other

There's a meaning here, I'm sure of it.

I hadn't caught it regularly since the first few episodes, but last night was the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise, and despite a lot of negative criticism I thought it was a pretty good way to end all things Trek for the forseeable future. This franchise needs a rest though: it's gone to the same well for darn nearly 20 years and a big chunk of that time, there were two separate Star Trek series running at the same time! Don't call me a die-hard Trekkie 'cuz that's never been me, but I did enjoy keeping tabs on whatever was going on in that particular universe, and Enterprise really got me excited during its first season... then it fizzled out. Heard the episodes this past year rocked the house though. But somebody please tell me: did they ever reveal who the Future Guy was? He's not really Dr. Sam Beckett is he? :-P

Anyway, Star Trek comes to its end tonight and a few days from now, Star Wars will do the same. So I'm sorta watching the reaction from our Trek friends for any hints on how to get through the ensuing weeks and months of withdrawal. It will be hard, but I'm sure we will all get through this. And maybe finally find lives of our own ;-)