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Monday, May 23, 2005

This movie just won't quit haunting me

And I never thought that would ever be coming from a Star Wars movie.

The first hour or so, it's pretty standard fare for the saga. But the next hour and a half is rife with so much disturbing imagery and dialogue... call me overly-sensitive but I've literally cried just *thinking* about some of the things in this movie.

Order 66 is something I'm coming to wish we had never had to witness. If you've seen the movie you know what I'm talking about. Maybe you'll agree with what a lot of people have been saying the last few days: that Order 66 may be one of the most powerful moments in cinema history. Everything about that sequence... has been haunting me. That was the point that I lost it Wednesday night and the tears started flowing. Ki-Adi Mundi was the first to go, and then Aayla Secura. Plo Koon. Yeah I know they're fictional characters but they represent a noble ideal that we just don't see much of in the real world. The music for that whole scene, it's "Anakin's Betrayal" on the soundtrack CD, that is the sound of utter heartbreak. These were the good guys. And the last moments of their lives are spent in wild confusion not knowing what is going on and they will never know why it is that they are now dying. God help me, I wanted to scream "you #*@&ing BASTARD!!" at Palpatine after that. For years my screenname on Free Republic and else where was "Darth Sidious". Wish now that I'd never taken it: why the heck should I want to be associated with someone THAT evil?

What does that say about a movie that still bothers you on this kind of level days after you've seen it?

Wish that I could get that music out of my head, and the look of anguish on Yoda's face.