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Monday, May 16, 2005

Various Star Wars items...

Awright, Forcery should be finished by this afternoon, I think. Had to re-export a few of the projects 'cuz of interlacing issues, on top of the redone sound. I know this is getting perilously close to the deadline of beating Episode III but I'm pretty confident it'll be done in time. Gonna try anyway.

Good news is every time I watch this, it gets funnier and funnier.

A while back on this blog I mentioned how much Revenge of the Sith is a thingly-veiled jab at President Bush. That's starting to get picked up by the established press ever since advance screenings began the other week. I don't think it's a personal thing though: Lucas had this all plotted out thirty years ago and if it wasn't George W. Bush destroying liberty in America, it would probably be somebody else. Lucas is just resonating with a pattern of history. Not that that excuses the person doing most of the destroying at that time in history though and after taking a look at some of the political websites this morning I can't help but grin at how some people - the ones who would defend Bush if he were caught with a dead girl or a live boy - are feeling so offended that Lucas would dare take this kind of immortal shot at Maximum War Leader. Heh-heh-heh, thassright: which one of these is going to be the more beloved years down the line: the man or the movie? My money's on Episode III.

My friends are saying I should go to the midnight showing in my Jedi costume. Personally, I think the Celebration 3 shirt would be more appropos: it's like a mark of pilgrimage, like something a Catholic person would bring back to show that he went to Lourdes. Besides, anyone who endures some of the insanity that happened at Celebration 3 deserves to boast some proof of his or her tenaciousness. And speaking of which I'm planning on finally posting those pics of the thing after finishing Forcery.

I'm hearing good vibes about the Star Wars TV projects that'll be coming out in another year or two. Latest word is that they'll be produced in Australia, where Episodes II and III were filmed for the most part. Still nothing solid about the premise of the live-action one but I'm still hoping for an anthology series that does different stories across different eras and locations in the saga.

Right now on my desk I have the Darth Sidious action figure from Episode I, the Emperor Palpatine with lightsaber and the deluxe Darth Sidious (the one with switching faces) from Episode III on my desk. My friend Brian found me the one of Chancellor Palpatine with lightsaber but that's still in the package and I'm debating whether or not to let him join my lil' Sidious chorus. If anyone knows of any other Palpatine/Sidious action figures (NOT the plain vanilla Senate garbed ones, I mean Palpy/Siddy when he's in full-tilt evil mode) I don't have here, lemme know 'cuz I'm a big fan of Darth Sidious. I also have a Darth Sidious LEGO minifig that I custom-made a few years ago, will try to post a pic of that soon :-)

Okay, back to finishing this film up. Pray it goes well...


Anonymous said...

I don't know that there's been time when politics, entertainment, and all of culture have been more intertwined.