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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Anti-flag desecration law takes huge goose-step forward

Well, the House of Representatives voted 286-130 to give itself the constitutional power to ban flag-burning and other acts against the American flag.

Dear God in Heaven, this is so scary a step, I've no idea where to begin.

Since it's so fashionable to put things in the context of the Nazis lately, I'll go ahead and say it: after reading this article, and the power and veneration that some want to ascribe to our flag, it sounds too much like die Blutfahne. See what Google will come up with for that term, and tell me that this isn't the same. It's a government imbuing a piece of cloth with mystical power, making it an object of worship instead of a symbol for something.

Maybe it's just as well: what the American flag symbolizes went away and died a long time ago already anyway.

Growing up as a Boy Scout I learned how to respect the flag, how to fold it properly, everything about its history and the things better men than I'll ever be did to keep that flag - and what it stands for - proudly waving for the sake of those yet to come. I'm damned ashamed that we've let them down. And I never thought the day would come when my own cherished American flag would start to become a symbol of fascism.

No, I'm not gonna take that back.

Ironic, that the American flag is now being "defended" by the same people that raped it of everything it used to stand for.


Anonymous said...

When they open up the ovens, you'll be one of the few screaming that they're not for baking bread. Keep up the good work.