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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Forcery "special edition" coming soon

I may even have it ready to go by tomorrow evening, depending on some factors.

Awright, this past week was a little harsh on my baby, the first movie I've ever made (hopefully not the last though). It was harsh on ME: something happened that seriously, seriously got me feeling rather despondent. Ummmm... "betrayed" would be a good word to use. That's one thing I don't take very well. Betrayal, especially after you've spent a long time earning a trust, is... well, that's pretty low.

It all had to do with Forcery. The details of which I'll be disclosing more about in the days to come. Yeah I was brought pretty low (and there's nothing wrong with admitting that) but in the past day or so there's been some things that have more than lifted my spirits. And I've been doing some thinking on the matter too.

(This'll all make sense soon, trust me. I'm gonna come out both barrels blazin' but there's a proper time for that, and right now ain't it. Suffice it to say, some hard things need to be said openly, about some people, and I'll be unloading that soon enough.)

But I can say this: Forcery picked up a... I'd say it's a pretty darned good endorsement, from someone who seemed pretty impressed with the film and if HE was impressed... whoa momma!! Not too shabby for a first film out the gate :-) The other thing is, we've found some possible venues that would see it promoted bigtime. But we're gonna "fix" a few things first. I know, the audio ain't that great: already talked about what happened there. Lo and behold, that's going to be fixed, and we found a VERY neat solution to it! A few minor things, stuff you probably won't even notice. I'd say that this upcoming "re-release" should be the definitive version, and this one out now just the "preliminary". Which isn't the usual way to do things: next time, we'll know. And we'll do better.

So anyhoo, I'll be posting a honking big write-up about some things soon, and will be bringing you an improved version of the movie. Hope you'll find it entertaining and enlightening :-)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the editing 'n stuff, Chris. I'll be watching very interestedly over these next few days.

Chad said...

Just like George Lucas....tinker away my friend. By the way...were there any deleted scenes? I can't wait to see the improvements!

Chris Knight said...

No "deleted scenes", everything came out pretty much as I'd envisioned it would, and I couldn't find anything that could be taken out without disrupting the flow and feel of it. It *might* be tightened up in a few places, but those wouldn't be much more than a few seconds here and there trimmed off.

The audio is the #1 improvement. It's still not 100% perfect (again, given the problem with the camcorder's microphone input jack along with some other factors) but there were a few places where you can definitely tell it's a camcorder's internal microphone by the sound of the motor. Those have been DRASTICALLY removed. I've played through it twice already today and am now greatly relieved at how that part of it is now. Rule of thumb: if it doesn't bother me, I hope it doesn't bother you. And right now this isn't bothering me at all :-)

There *is* a scene though, that I'm leaving in, that might raise a few eyebrows in the coming days as to why would I leave THAT in, given some current circumstances. All I can really say right now is: I'm still proud of some work I did in the past, am very thankful for it and felt that I could at least acknowledge that opportunity, without necessarily endorsing what has become of things since then.

And after that, I'll have shaken the dust from my boots and kept on walking away. And Lord willing, hopefully toward better things :-)