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Friday, June 24, 2005

Just had some thoughts about today's Supreme Court decision...

What's to stop a group of citizens from petitioning that the local Wal-Mart be seized by force, and turned into two mom-and-pop stores and a coin-operated laundromat?

What if someone has ten million shares of some busted Internet startup. In reality he's broke but on paper he's a large corporation: what's keeping him from walking out of city hall with half the town's real estate in his pocket?

This may be, potentially, a worse Supreme Court decision than Roe v. Wade. Mother Teresa of Calcutta often argued that if it's legal for a mother to kill her unborn child, "then what is to prevent me from killing you or you from killing me? There is nothing in between." So what is there left, then, when it has been decided that there is nothing between your personal property and someone who wants to take it from you with government's blessing? There is nothing, not even a semblance of respect for individual rights, at all. Together with rulings stating that derivative products of your personal being can be patented, today's ruling makes us little more than serfs at best, resources to be exploited at worst.

Bad karma goin' come from this, to be sure.


Paul Elledge said...

It also means that a billionaire can now take your humble, middle-class home and land from you and build a million-dollar home on the site. Doing so will increase the value of the property, which means more property-tax revenue for the government. Entirely justified, according to the Supreme Court.

Someone has suggested that the people get together and collect money to build five new Wal-Marts, all of which will be built on the sites of the current homes of the five justices who made this horrible decision.

AfterShock said...

I second the motion of the comment above! Excellent Idea!! Now, how do we get together the money??

Free Agency Rules said...

FreeStar Media is already working on building a hotel on Justice Souter's home.

See: http://freestarmedia.com/hotellostliberty2.html