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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just saw Batman Begins

Now THIS is the movie I wish we had gotten in 1989!! Everything about it is just darned perfect. I can't possibly count all the smaller things that are in this movie that are taken directly from the Batman comics. Finally it's a Batman movie that's NOT focused on the villain, but focused on Batman (how the heck did the '89 one get away with billing Jack Nicholson as the Joker over the hero?). How well does Batman Begins work? During the first good part of the movie, well into when Bruce Wayne returns back to Gotham, I found myself having forgotten that this was a Batman movie at all, because first and foremost it's a movie about Bruce Wayne as a character and thenhow he acquires the look, the gimmicks, the car etc. They could have titled this "Bruce Wayne Begins" and I would have been totally happy. One of the most devious bait-and-switch plans I've seen in any recent movies, a believable city they're running around in, a music score that never overwhelms the action, NOTHING... as in not a single element of the plot... feels out-of-place or without a basis in reality. This movie could be based on true events. It could even be happening right now, you'd think. And isn't the ending of this quite the novelty for a Batman movie: it resolved this movie's story, while blowing it all wide open for plenty more to come.

Okay, gotta run, but trust me: Batman Begins is well worth the five bucks for admission (and the fifty dollars you'll spend on outrageously overpriced confectionary).


Anonymous said...

"Batman Begins is well worth the five bucks for admission"

Five bucks? Is that the average price for movie admission in NC? Or is that a high price for your area? Its at least 8 bucks where I live. At least last I heard. The last time I went to a movie theater was to see "Donnie Brasco" starring Johny Depp, Al Pacino

I rent now. Its cheaper.

Chris Knight said...

It's actually $3.50 if you go in the afternoon at a good theater just down the road from where we live. Plus I think they still use the old-fashioned butter in their popcorn.