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Thursday, July 28, 2005

CAFTA passes House 217-215

If I were to post the things the darker half of my nature is tempting me to say right now, Blogger.com would not only suspend this blog indefinitely, they would track me down, drag me out and have me shot, burn down my apartment, and sow the ground with salt.

This is a dark night for America. It was horrible over ten years ago when NAFTA passed, and it just got a lot worse.

The 217 that voted for this are traitors. The President of the United States is a traitor. To their country, the Constitution they swore to uphold and their fellow men.

Remember what I said last night about the border situation? Between that and this, that John Titor guy's talk about a civil war this year is starting to look a lot more viable.


Anonymous said...

Anywhere we can find the votes on this thing?

I want to see if any of my "conservative" congressmen voted for it.

Chris Knight said...

Yup! Check here: Final House tally on CAFTA.