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Friday, July 29, 2005

Good pro-homeschooling essay at Sierra Times

Nancy Levant writing at Sierra Times about homeschooling versus public education. Her piece's opener is damn depressing, but accurate...
I have very little hope for this nation. The bulk of the populace is still clueless as to the Executive Orders, Acts, and partnership bureaucracy system that have turned our Constitutional Republic into a new banana republic. The ongoing ignorance of the masses is beyond all comprehension and reason.

The Southwestern U.S and the West Coast have become a foreign and illegal nation. Every Constitutional right is under perpetrated and highly orchestrated attack, and still the masses watch TV, sports, drink beer, and do and say nothing. Most don’t even know that anything has changed. And why is that? Because public education has changed American people into silent, sacrilegious, non-reading, pleasure-seeking, group-thinking morons – that’s why.

She's right. I don't have much hope for this country either. Our "elected officials" no longer even pretend to be our representatives for the most part, our "government" is become an unholy melange of political and corporate interests, we are engaged in a dubious war overseas that is stretching our defense capability to the breaking point, the border situation is a humungous crisis that threatens just about everything, Congress and this President just voted to broaden the damage that NAFTA did a decade ago, and as Nancy is saying here: our education system is a joke this country's people couldn't care less. Believe you me, my wife and I will homeschool our children... but I shudder to think about what kind of world it is that our children are going to be inheriting.

It's times like this I gotta keep thinking of Gandalf's words from Fellowship of the Ring: "All we have to decide is what to do in the time that's given you." Just do our best and let God make everything else settle out as it's supposed to. I keep telling myself that, anyway...


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%... I am homeschooling my three children this year. I am still in shock when I hear college friends (who are teachers with kids) say in response to the news of my decision to homeschool, "good luck with that..I know I could never do it!" Could you imagine a TEACHER who is a MOTHER, actually SAYING that? It is no wonder institutionalized education is in such a sorry state!