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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Homeland Security Threat Level Muppet-Meter now on this blog

This has been around for at least two year now, I remember first seeing it just before the Iraq war started. Didn't know that this system was still being used but in light of yesterday's bombings it's not only still around, it's been elevated to "orange". Personally, I always thought this color-coded system was pretty silly. But since it's yet with us and going up 'cuz of recent events, might as well have a little fun with it to make us smile. Here's the original graphic, if you feel so led to play around with it for your own blog, workplace, military installation etc.

I'm thinking about doing a Star Wars version, with Jabba as condition "green", Artoo as "blue", maybe those red guards the Emperor has as "red"... or maybe do it like Star Wars planets: "Dagobah", "Hoth", "Tatooine", "Bespin", and use Mustafar for "red". Anyway, feel free to adopt/adapt this if you like.