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Monday, July 11, 2005

It's MONDAY NIGHT LIVE with Ken and Mark!

Back in April I reported the return of a local institution: the ever-intriguing, most curious and always entertaining "Monday Night Live" call-in show on Reidsville, North Carolina's WGSR Channel 39. Back in my high school days this hour-long show was THE highlight of the week for us (parse as you will whatever message that is about how much excitement we had in good ol' Reidsville :-) Well it took three months but tonight I finally got to see the show, still hosted by Mark Childrey and Ken Echols. And I'm happy to report that the unique chemistry that made "Monday Night Live" work so well is still working its charm as strong as ever! I would even say that in the almost ten years since its first run ended that "Monday Night Live" shows good seasoning: it's still as witty but there's a good edge to it. Or maybe it was just weird hearing Ken and Mark talk about "Googling" something and giving out the URL for "Monday Night Live"'s website. Either way, it was a real joy seeing it once again and I couldn't resist calling them up once again for old times' sake. Mark even brought up Forcery and I got to give out the movie's website address, in addition to talking about some of our stars and how we filmed some of it at Short Sugar's Drive-In. The show is now 90 minutes long, whereas the original ran for an hour: plenty enough time to run contests where they gave out such curios as weird sun-faced clocks and "Anthony Perkins as 'Mother'" Psycho action figures (no I'm not making this up) while intermittently showing clips from an old movie called Maniac about two doctors in a morgue with a cat running around it... no I'm not making any of this up. I must say, it was entertaining enough to make the short trip from out-of-town to my parents' house to watch it well worth it, and it was enough to make me want to see more of the show now that it's back. I just wish that we could watch it here: maybe they'll give it a live streaming feed on the Internet someday. If they do, I will gladly give them a prominent link somewhere on this blog for your convenience and viewing pleasure :-)