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Sunday, July 10, 2005

NY governor Pataki: "Your vehicle vill be vulnerable to us undt you vill LUFF it!"

From WNBC in New York comes this item, another step forward for the Pin-Striped Gestapo gang...
Law Bans License-Plate Spraying To Foil Radar, Cameras
Law To Take Effect In 120 Days

POSTED: 9:54 pm EDT July 8, 2005

UPDATED: 1:19 pm EDT July 9, 2005

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Gov. George Pataki on Friday signed a new law that bans using sprays or other synthetic materials to hide license plates from radar and camera detection.

The sprays, available online and elsewhere, create a gloss invisible to the naked eye that reflects the flash of radar or traffic cameras, making it difficult to identify a license plate by electronic means.

"It's important that law enforcement have the ability to identify all vehicles that use our public roadways, and anything that hinders their ability to do that is clearly a public safety hazard," Pataki said in a statement.

The law will take effect in 120 days.

This has nothing at all to do with the ability of "law enforcement" (which is a wrongfully-applied term anyway: the old-fashioned "peace officers" is more appropos). This does have everything to do with revenue-enhancement for the state though. This law is targetting those spray-on reflective glosses that are specifically intended to foil "red-light cameras", which are already a breach of personal privacy and civil liberty by the government. To which I say: to hell with 'em. If the state can't produce a living, breathing witness against you in a court of law when it seeks to deprive you of your property (i.e. money) it has no right to press a case against you at all. And YOU should have every right to make it as difficult as possible for the state to even pursue such a thing against you. Pataki isn't giving a damn about "public safety": he knows that such cameras are a HUGE money-making racket that most people won't even take the trouble to contest, instead opting to pay the fine and trusting "Big Brother"'s judgement against their own. And anything that gives the average person an advantage over Big Brother... well, can't very well have THAT now, can they? Next thing you know, regular folks will be getting even MORE uppity, start thinking they know better than the state official do after all.

If Pataki is going to seriously enforce this law, I hope and pray that the people of New York state will go on the offensive... and debilitate as many of these ILLEGAL cameras as possible. And there's lots of ways to do that, if you exercise a little creativity (wink-wink).