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Friday, July 15, 2005

President Bush supporting CAFTA here in North Carolina this afternoon

I just saw that on the noon news broadcast. Bush is speaking at Gaston College near Charlotte, promoting the Central America Free Trade Agreement.

For him to speak about that, here in North Carolina, is sorta like Heinrich Himmler making a speech in the middle of the Warsaw ghetto about the merits of "relocation".

Seriously, that takes some brazen bones to do that here. North Carolina has lost countless jobs in the textile industry under the North American Free Trade Agreement and now CAFTA only promises more of the same. Pretty soon, this state won't have much of an industrial base in anything left to stand on.

If anyone asks me why I have it in for Bush, why I believe he's a horrible president, this is the reason. This and his HORRIBLE stance on illegal immigration. Ross Perot warned about that "giant sucking sound" of American jobs heading overseas after the passage of NAFTA over ten years ago: people laughed at him then, but he was right. CAFTA is just going to be more of the same. You gotta understand something about the mindset of Bush and others like him: they don't believe in a sovereign United States of America. They don't believe we should be our own country. To them, we should have NO borders with Canada and Mexico. We should instead be one large North American superstate... conveniently, with Bush and his family and other "elites" like them in charge of it. That's where they've been taking us for decades and now it looks like they're pretty close to achieving their goal.

This is the kind of thing that American patriots used to take up torches and pitchforks - and a lot worse harmful items - to protest by whatever means necessary.

By the way, our senators Richard Burr and Liddy "I'm not a real North Carolinian or conservative Republican but I got installed in the Senate by the GOP anyway" Dole both voted in favor of CAFTA. A pox upon BOTH their houses!