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Sunday, August 21, 2005

AMC's month-long James Bond run is good watchin'

AMC channel has been running them in sequential order every weeknight this month and right now they're showing The Man With The Golden Gun (with Christopher Lee as Scaramanga, who also predates Krusty as the the original "man with the superfluous third nipple"), so this has been the perfect time to watch all those James Bond movies that I've never caught before. I'll sadly admit that most 007 flicks have always been just off my radar range (the last one I saw was GoldenEye and I thought it was a rollickin' hella good ride!) but I think I'm finally starting to "get" the chemistry that's made this such a classic movie series. Friday night they ran The Spy Who Loved Me, which I'd also never seen before (as was the case with The Man With The Golden Gun the night before that) and tomorrow night they're playing Moonraker, the very first Bond movie I ever saw (when ABC ran it one Sunday night back in '84). I'm hard-pressed to tell you which Bond is my favorite though: I'm a big fan of Pierce Brosnan in the role, and Roger Moore is always gonna have a special place 'cuz he's the one I really "grew up" with and I've never seen the Timothy Dalton ones, but Sean Connery's Bond - the one that many argue was the greatest - is starting to really grow on me. As for favorite villain hmmm... well gotta love Goldfinger, and Scaramanga, and Blofeld of course (whatever did happen to SPECTER anyway?) but I think we need to see a return of Jaws: Richard Kiel is still looking pretty buff, c'mon put the cobalt teeth back in him and turn him loose! Anyway, most of these movies seem very dated by today's standards, but something about them still holds up pretty well. Who knows, maybe someday I'll have to make room on my shelf for a bunch of Bond DVDs :-)

EDIT: Richard Kiel is back as Jaws!! He reprises the role in the videogame 007 Everything or Nothing. Also starring in the game are Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, John Cleese as Q, Judi Dench as M (LOVED her in GoldenEye) and Willem Dafoe as the usual Bond supervillain. It's available on Xbox so I may have to check this out! :-)